Wanted: Dream Division - Death Walks On Nitrate LP

Unlikely I know, but on the off -chance that you have a copy ro sell, please sell it to me.

Go on go on go on

https://mondoshop.com/products/death-walks-on-nitrate-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-lp ?

Sold out?

Sorry, received that link a couple of hours ago. Didn’t check.

There’s one on Discogs, from the US.

Yeah, saw that. Too much dollar plus taxes and duties.

I’m going to predict that will look cheap in the not too distant future.

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I am going to hope that they re-press it!

On amazon as well but not cheap.

Got a link, please Chris? My search is fruitless

Sorry, looks like amazon gave a close match and I didn’t read it properly

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Just listening to this now (not on vinyl though) and it’s really good.

Oh, you teaser :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

and then release as a limited edition on record store day after which it will get flipped for a ton :slight_smile: