Wanted - Gregorian chant reco

JI know there’s a number of 'toirists who are into chant / choral, so can anybody recommend me a fairly traditional Gregorian chant Album ?

When I say fairly traditional I heard a great track that had fairly equal parts chant and instruments and it sounded really good but still traditional :confused:

Ideally well played / chanted / recorded and available for a sensible price on vinyl.

Your thoughts appreciated chaps.

Not Gregorian chant Mike but a mix of early music with added electronics.

I’ve some Gregorian chant which I’ll dig out and let you know if it’s any good. :+1:t3:

I sold mine. Seriously repetitive.

What next for the OP, prog? :rofl:


Have this,but not got round to listening to it yet

Not sure if this is Gregorian, but there seems to be some chanting.


Is that John Cooper Clarke behind a rather attractive Darth May?

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Thank you Allan and Stu.

and, well, you just can’t educate some cunts.

This is the album I was talking about however have no idea about availability on vinyl.

Again, not Gregorian chant but an extraordinary recording of a Greman funeral mass - German fuaneral masses are where it’s at dontchaknow :+1:

Call that funereal ? This is funereal. And they have a cave troll