Wanted: Hana SL

Thought I’d ask, just in case. Has anybody got a spare laying around, that they would like to move on ?


Are you eating these? I’m sure you must have had twenty by now?
Very nice, though.


I know, it’s a long story.

I have one on my current record player; this one is for another TT I am putting together.

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Trying to buy them all then sell at an inflated price.

You know streaming is a lot cheaper, right?


So not as easy to spend money then! We all love spending money.

Yes, I do.


Thanks. I’ll head on over.

Actually, thinking about it, I won’t, as it’s only £80 less than you can get them for at a dealer and I’d rather support one of our friendly dealers on the site.

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Good point although not sure the words friendly and dealers actually go together. :slight_smile:

Oh, I dunno, some of them are quite likeable, if you meet them on neutral ground.

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All sorted now, thanks