Wanted: Heco Direkt (2 ways)

Thought I might revisit the 2 way washing machines if anyone knows of a pair.

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The big’uns overdriving your room a bit?

Not at all but was wondering if I would be happy with the 2 ways as my hearing is getting worse what with tinnitus (loud) and can’t even hear 5K with my left ear and my right one is only a little better.

Understood. Bummer, sorry to hear it. FWIW, things like palpable bass output is probably gonna be ever more important if your hearing is declining. That said the 2-ways are fucking brilliant. Mine are still here, and going nowhere (sorry).

I need to sort my shit out hearing-wise, I’m playing the system much too fucking loud recently - my ears are still humming this AM…

It is definitely the quality bass that I would most miss and make it hard to part with the big ones, not just the depth of the bass but the detail and tone of bass instruments.

I don’t listen loud but you should be careful!

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:+1: SPL meter on order, otherwise volume creep will go-on being a thing!

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I quite fancy some singing fridges :grinning:


LOL, we are not quite at that stage yet.

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Sorted, seems like I am getting back the pair I sold 4 years ago. :grinning: