Wanted: iPad

Only really need it to browse, run Spotty.

Anybody got one lying around they’d like to sell me ?

Hi Mike

I’ve still got one of these

Which you can have for £40 donation to the Tat bazaar.

Oh, I just noticed you bought the first one :smiley:

Hi Mark,

Yes, I did :blush: and it’s still doing sterling service.

Just looking for something a bit newer.

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Nobody ?

I’ve got an iPad Air2 I’m not using, it’s the 4G and WiFi version, PM if interested.


Thought I’d jump on here instead of a new thread
Has anyone got a cheap ipad or similar. Will be used for zoom and browsing only

Do you do Android?

Outmoded, iffy battery life, as you can see, boxed up to go out.

FOC if you don’t get a better offer.


Think I get quite a few only child points for the still shrink-wrapped cables etc.


That would be great

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Can you shoot me your address please?

I should be able to get it in the post on Monday.


Thanks guy,arrived today :+1:

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Oops. I forgot to say that I’d posted it on Saturday.

Hope you get some use out of it :+1: