Wanted: Klipsch La Scala

Wanted a pair of Klipsch La Scala’s in good working condition. I would prefer a non-black pair if possible. Can pick them up in my vehicle.

It’s an itch I have to scratch at some point, after hearing a nice pair some time ago.

I am not in a mad rush, as I have been looking for a suitable non-black pair for a few years, but if you have a pair you are looking to move on, please let me know.

You might have to make do with talcum powder in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a pair years ago and would have a pair again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the cottage wouldn’t be able to accommodate them.

Are there different grades/versions of these? The pair I heard were bloody awful!

16 versions apparently.

Sure they were La Scala’s as there are a lot of Klipsch speakers out there that sound really crap, like the Heresy.

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Tony L on pfm has La Scalas and raves about them, he may know where you can get some.

I have heard Klipsh a few times; each time I have understood why, and why not.

It’s frustrating that many people tar horns with this kind of sound when it’s not necessary.

Always fancied another listen to la scala’s