*Wanted* - Low speaker stands 6-8" high

Anyone got anything? They need to support a fair weight 40KGish.

Wickes might have



I have a pair of these stands. Brand new still in boxes. But 280mm high.

Good idea, I’m curious to faff with a little extra height. I’ll grab some today

Seriously, if you go with concrete blocks your choices are between dense and lightweight. Dense are a bit less likely to tip or crack but are harder work to transport. You may want to stabilise the dusty surfaces with a layer or two of cheap quick-dry paint. If you pile up more than one then thin carpet underlay between them may make the structure more stable and give you some sound isolation from the floor. Obviously laying them on their side allows you to change the height in increments of a little over 100mm.


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I once used a few slabs that were each about 4cm thick and about 30cm square. I screwed thick screws into the floor through the carpet for a firm base, and used blu-tac between the slabs to stop any movement.

At my Dads old house we once built a hifi rack out of concrete blocks and paving slabs, it was in the garage which was converted for audio use. Happy days!

sounds like the sort of thing Rick the Bandit should have. :grinning:

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Haha! Yes :slight_smile: