Wanted MM cartridge

I’ve been setting Jack up with his first system. He has some Q Acoustic 1010’s and an Arcam Alpha 5 amp and will soon be getting a CD player.

I’ve let him use my 401 so he can spin some vinyl, but it could do with a cheap MM cart fitting to suit the system and just in case of an accident.

Has anyone got anything in the up to £40 kind of price bracket.


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Just get him a brand new AT95e for £25, they sound fantastic for the money, and if the worst should happen, it’s cheap enough for there to be no tears.

Nice little rig that. For the second time this week I get to moan that my first set up was nowhere near as good.

Hi Rob
Yeah I thought about AT95e or rega Carbon just thought I’d ask first in case anything out there Ive not thought of.

Funnily enough I’ve just said to him that my first system was no where near as good.
The 401 is on loan he’s not having that !!

BTW hydra plug did good service at Scalford and is now in use on my system very useful to cut plug count.

Ah, great, I’m glad it’s being put to good use.

sorted now thanks