Wanted: Mogwai - Central Belters 6LP boxset

OK, it’s a shot in the dark, but does anyone want to shift a copy of this boxset?

Fat chance, I expect!

A great set and my intro into Mogwai.

Oh, and get to feck :grin:


Probably no help at all, but I bought the download on Bandcamp, however they appear to have yanked it from there too.



Yes I’ve got one. It’s been opened but I’ve never played it. Listened to the download & it didn’t really float my boat. Yes I know - heathen, philistine, etc etc
The box has a couple of light smudges (see pics) but the records haven’t been out of their sleeves.
I live in France so postage will cost a bit more.
The cheapest mint copy on Discogs when I checked just now is 145€ plus shipping.

€110 incl. signed for post to the UK?

image image image


Yes please Andrew!

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Mods, have PM’d @nafaiutb so you can close this thread now

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