Wanted: pair of ECC81 to prat about with

Anyone got anything in the back of a cupboard? Really doesn’t matter what they sound like as long as they work like an ECC81.

I should add that there will be a non-zero chance of me exploding them so lending something unobtanium is not really sensible…

I probably have a few, how many r u after?

Ideally two of the same type, so I can check that both channels of what I am playing around with are doing the same thing.

Ok I will have a look what I have

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I have some 12at7’s you can have. Chinese, brand new.

That would be really helpful if possible.

Where do you live?

Pm incoming.

I gave 6 off cv4024 NOS in white mil boxes with 83 dates stamps

And an old use 12at7 with no markings

4 x 12at7 sent Monday

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Think I am sorted for the initial stages from Dave, once explosion potential has been minimised I would be interested in buying some 4024s.

My granddad got his first patent from wiring a valve wrong, need to make sure it doesn’t run in the family before using the nicer stuff…

good to hear you are sorted out, best of luck with the amp