Wanted : Phono Stage

On the lookout for a new phono stage, I have a few and one is in being mended, anything around for £1K? Looking for MC, if it has MM all the good. MC must be adjustable for capacitance. Bob

My pro ject rs??

It’s usually MM that might need adjustable capacitance not MC

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I’ve got a Pink Triangle PIP for sale.

You will find adjustable resistance( load) more useful for many MC .100 ohm is common but having choice can transform repro eg Hana like 500 ohm in my lineup.Some SUTs also offer load variation.

Buy a Vida. Simply seems to get the best out of any cartridge you plug into it. Takes a while to run a new one in though.


Still looking, what a desert of decent phono stages.


One of the best.

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