WANTED - Semi-Auto Direct Drive Sony Turntable

Looking for a friend who would ideally like a Sony PS 8750.


Rocking horse shit I’m afraid. There’s more people on here who want one than those who own one too.

That’s a shame, I had never seen one before. But then I prefer digital laziness to vinyl. :grinning:

Then perhaps a 6750, or a Technics would be better?

I love my PS 6750,. There was a minter on eBay last week not sure if it sold.

If semi-auto is essential, your friend should consider a Kenwood KD-990. Still rare but much less so than a PS-8750. Saving a search on hifishark.com would be the way forward as they crop up more on the continent than here.

Still there, and two from the Netherlands.

Cheers for the alternative suggestions, I will also suggest the possibility of using an aftermarket tonearm lifter to open up more options.

There is on on US Audio Mart for $1000.

Cheers, saw that one and a possibly dodgy listing on Quoka.de (new account and cheap)