Wanted: Speakers

I fancy a change from my Audio Physic Paduas. No particular reason - I’ve had them 3 years and would like to try something different.

Budget is up to £2000 (less would be good though).

No fixed ideas, other than that the new speakers will need to work close to the wall (within about 10 inches) and must be aesthetically pleasing (at the very least, not fugly).

My amp is a Gato Dia 250 (class D, 250 wpc into 8 ohms, double that into 4 ohms). Plenty of grunt, but maybe not ideal for tricky loads.

I got some good suggestions in my speaker thread, but thought I’d put this ad up in case anyone has some speakers for sale.

Feel free to make recommendations or provide links to dealer ads etc.

My Paduas will be for sale, so could be a px/swap option if anyone is interested.


I’m selling some Audio Note AN-j Hemp in poplar burl which are designed to go right up against the walls/corners.

Ah, I was a big fan of Snells back in the day (though I don’t think I ever heard the J). In many ways these would work well for me, I reckon.

Not sure how the aesthetics will go down, so will have a word at home.


You might be better off asking on a hifi forum :grin:

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Js aren’t particularly large, you should be OK.

Cheeky sod…:wink:

He’s right tho, this place is a foo forum.:smiling_imp:

There are some Heybrook Sextets on eBay now, £240 auction (and they might not go much above that). You could give them a go, it’s not as if they’re going to depreciate or tie up much cash.


Sextets and Ushers. Both very tempting.

I was just about to buy Mrs horace a new pair of binoculars to feed her birdwatching obsession.

Speakers are much nicer than binoculars though.

Those Ushers are a bloody bargain - I had a pair of CP6371 which were a hell of a lot of speaker for the money.


I’ve just bought a new pair of Nikon Monarch 7 10x30 - very good indeed. Not budget but but not mega bucks either.
I got them direct from Amazon last week for £201 with free delivery, though they have gone back up to about £250 now. (still a decent price).
I wanted a really small lightweight pair to carry wth me when walking the dog round the reservoir, but if she is really serious then the 8x42 or 10x42 would probably be pretty stellar for another £100.

If only…

Mrs horace knows what she likes, and has uttered the dread word…Leica.

I’m crying real tears.

She is clearly very high maintenance.:stuck_out_tongue:

OK if you like boomy bass.

Not really, but that makes it hard to say no on the rare occasions she asks for something like this.

She’s so bloody virtuous.

How about these lovely standmounts on the Wam :wink: