Wanted,:- Sub woofer, what have you?

Anyone have a sub lying around unused?

I think @BobC might have a slightly damaged one :thinking:


You owe me a new keyboard due to tea exploding all over it.


I could do with a sub! £50 till payday? :smile:

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I have one of these in black Ash as new, can’t use it in my flat, too big for me.


I’ve got a pretty much unused BK XXLS400-FF but I don’t have a box so will need collecting, would do it for £200.


Sounds great Chris apart from the collection bit. I will bear it in mind, thanks.

Too late…


You are one upping @freefallrob on his boat are you? That thing is going to make a mess of your lawn.

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Just a thought :thinking: Will I be able to connect a sub WOOFER to my amp? Only one set of speaker outlets, no pre out…

Yes, via the speaker binding posts.

Doubling up with the main speaker leads?

That’s how I do it with my REL. A slightly different method of connection is used for class D amps.

Thanks Stu :ok_hand:

Nae bother JB :+1:

And for some valve amps

Excellent, ta :grin:

Can you post it Jez?

No, it weighs too much, when it came to me it was on truck with a tail lift, two man lift.

Weighs the same as my amp, 48 Kilos :grinning: