Wanted tv and surround sound for cellar

The lady palace is under renovation and I my better half needs a decent telly to go with the nespresso and new laundry stuff

Anyone got a tv or receiver and speakers set they are selling off cheap

It’s a bit damp down there sometimes so nothing fancy or expensive needed

Most lady places are that way


Jan larffed :grin:

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:blush:Palace, not places

Rather lovely (now) cellar in which the washing and ironing gets done

Spellcheck innit.

Just get some gags, if the walls of the cellar are quite thick they won’t need any soundproofing and you shouldn’t have to cover up any noises with music and speakers.



we got some spare handcuffs I can let you have for a good price. One pair a bit tatty with some corrosion from bodily fluids, but they buff up quite nicely and shouldn’t chafe too much

Not sure you guys are grasping the concept of a lady palace

err yes, handcuffs will give you unfettered access to the lady palace

Depends on your definition of unfettered really…

You will be pleased to hear we have now fitted a dehumidifier so the LP is no longer moist