Wanted: Vinyl copy of Tindersticks First Album

Bloody annoying, but I seem to have lost my copy.

So, just on the off chance, does anybody have a copy they are prepared to move on ?

It’s this one -


Thanks in advance chaps.

Oof, good luck finding an original of that at a reasonable price mate.

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Yeah, I know :frowning:

Have you checked all your gatefold sleeves? I found a Heads LP I had been missing for ages in a double LP. Now that everything is in outers this shouldn’t happen again…


It was missing for ages and survived a rearrangement of the LP storage in my room undetected.

Good point, no, I haven’t. Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:


Unfortunately, I didn’t find it :frowning: , but all sorted.

Bollocks. Hope it wasn’t too

££ :rage: ££

Pretty much but, needs must, and all that.

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