Wanted - Wedding photographer

FoL has set a date for her nuptials and is now stressing me out about finding a photographer. She is getting married at Marylebone registry office and then off to a reception 5 mins walk away.

Apparently she wants an ‘editorial style’ which she explained is semi formal with lots of impromptu captures of guests etc vs formal line ups etc.

Anyone know/ recommend a photographer in London area who does weddings?

No help with the photographer, but Marylebone Registry office is where Narelle and I got hitched :+1:

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In a similarly unhelpful vein I once got roped in as emergency videographer at a wedding.

It was outside, on a scorching day, and I was muttering “Jesus wept, get on with it, come ooooon, how long is this going to take?” etc. under my breath.

Only later did I discover that the camera was recording sound as well as images :grimacing:


This is our neighbours son.
Been doing it a long time.

We used him as did MrsKettle’s sister, he is very good.

This is a mate of mine, known him for 35 years and is a fantastic photographer.

Not sure if he’ll go as far as London though


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