Wanting to upgrade head unit on an X Type Jag


What the buggery fuck are you on about?


Get the fm transmitter thing, they work perfectly well. Or just sell the car


Plug a creative go or similar into a power lead somewhere in the car and Bluetooth your phone to it



Crikey what’s the matter with the BBC World Service on Long wave? Or if your hip & trendy try Radio Caroline :+1:


Or just put on a prog cd. Will keep you going until the car has rusted away around you.
And then you could listen to track two in your next car.


The same would happen with a Metro and a punk album.


Not planning on selling the car just yet so looks like I may be stuck with cd’s for the time being. I don’t really like modern cars, too many electronics to fail & boring ride etc. Halfords of course said no it couldn’t be done. Well they can’t do it so I may try contacting a local installer and getting a second opinion.


If you’re not willing to give it a go yourself, don’t bother.



You need Jag’s ACM…

It seems the connections are optical (my old saab was like that) so options are very limited.

If you can find the module it looks easy enough to fit.


Thanks for taking the time to search for me. I have seen this thread and did look for the ACM. They aren’t easy to get hold of. Cheers though.