Wanting to upgrade head unit on an X Type Jag

I’ve always wanted to upgrade the factory fitted radio in my car for one that has DAB and also a means of accessing my music stored on a Sony Walkman. My unit doesn’t have an AUX input.

If I were to buy something like a Kenwood Apple Carplay or Pioneer Z series unit would I still be able to see the original satnav, phone controls, climate control features that I currently have on the display, or would they be unavailable?

I don’t know for sure, but I would doubt it. Have you checked whether it would be easy to have an aux input fitted? Then you could listen to your own music, and stream radio 6 if you wanted.

Failing that, get a Bluetooth FM transmitter and pair to your phone, which is what I do.

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Do the Ford Mondeo units fit?

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If the head unit has a spare / unused input (look on a X type forum to find out) on the back a 3.5mm aux socket is probably the easiest way to go, can be intalled in the glove box or under the main dash somewhere discreet.
I got one for my bmw off of eBay last year for a tenner, it has the specific oem plug at one end to fit the car. the fact I can’t be arsed to install it is another matter.

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The head unit doesn’t have any form of spare input or Aux socket. I’ve seen a video on Youtube where a guy had replaced the original screen with some sort of Android device. This had the option to display the original Jaguar GUI and also the Android app’s when the Nav button was pressed. Sadly this was more of a advanced DIY build, hence wanting to see if anyone knew of any modern unit that would do it.

I have looked at the Jag forums, but any builds tend to be too advanced for me and not simple swap out options.

I’ve seen a device called “Pure Highway 600 Car DAB Radio Adapter” that would transmit an FM signal which isn’t the best solution to me.

Ah yes, CBA - a chronic disease that usually affects fat fuckers like me, more unusual in tall slim folk like yourself. :grinning:

Those are fine if you live in the sticks, but close to London there are simply no available FM wavelengths you can use.

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Pretty sure most cars do adaptors so you don’t lose other controls. Probably best to phone up a local fitting firm first

I’ve used a few portable dabs via fm but can be a pain if they need a cig lighter for power,although there are battery ones

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m going to pop in to Halfords in a bit and see if they have any idea. Failing that, I will contact a local ICE installer.

Its hard enough getting in and out, never mind actually taking stuff appart in there. As it is I’m stuck with an 6 disc cartridge cd thing.

Good luck with Halfords…

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That’s the same as mine, disc changer in the rear and a cd player in the head unit. If the head unit had been the older cassette player I could have soldered a Aux cable to a couple of pins on the main board, but the cd version is different.

I have an FM transmitter that has a USB power input, and a 4-way USB power supply that plugs into the cig lighter socket. That way I can charge devices at the same time as listen to music.

You do need to get a decent power supply though - cheap ones might output only 1A, which won’t do a thing.


You’d need to buy something which is designed to go in the car and has the buttons built in. You might be able to buy a dash fascia adapter which has the climate control buttons on a new module - in the E46 BMW I did a hifi in stall in, if you wanted to fit a double din unit, the climate control module had to be taken out and replaced with a smaller one which took up the ashtray underneath.

No idea if that would fit your particular car, but I’d reckon it is something you can do.

Stop all this nonsense. Changing the stereo in your car is like fitting after-market wheels or floor mats other than the manufacturer’s original items - it marks you out as a cad and a rotter.

Stop your mithering, man up and buy more CDs.

I have big car hifi

Maybe it is time to buy a more modern car.

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There can be only one choice.

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Then you, sir, are a bounder.

Because spending £25k to get 6 Music is fucking stupid?