War on emissions (No, not Jim)

Another badly conceived policy from a one-eyed politician.

Alternatively, why not tackle the real problem - all the shit buses and an ancient black cabs spewing out crap because they’re knackered. I struggle to believe that many would pass an MOT.

But I guess the motorist is an easy target.

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Is having you name in a thread title like being mentioned in despatches?

I thought London’s air quality (of which no shit is actually given), was more down to the fashion for wood burning stoves?

Cos it’s much worse now than what it was when it wasn’t as bad as it is now


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For particulates, yes it is - about half of particulate pollution comes from them. But you can’t ban them without there being a middle class revolution!

More like being published in the court proceedings section of the local newspaper.


they are banned under the clean air act, it seems this is ignored now.

I should be banned under the clean air act :laughing:


Yes, some (subjectively lots it would seem) of the back cabs are disgusting and should be scrapped. We both passed comment on this last week when we were in town.

We used Uber once, a Prius.

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All cabs should be forced to be electric, or at minimum, hybrid.


Surely would be a massive PR coup for the LTA as well.

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No chance of that happening though - black cabbies are a law unto themselves - they would just do mass protests by blocking the roads on London (like they’ve done in the past)


And this is the problem - spineless politicians taking the easy way out rather than tackling the root cause.

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New green black cab being introduced shortly, and existing black cabs have a max life span of 15 years.

15 years, lol. They need to be incentivised (by which I mean forced) to change.

Buses, too.

Precisely what I about to say. Especially considering how they are anally brutalised on a daily basis.

Mash nails it…


I don’t disagree, but at least we are seeing some action - friend of mine is a black cab driver, and financially over a period of time the new cab does offer savings when you take into account fuel costs, but I am not sure that is enough. My mate would like to change to the new taxi and so would most of his fellow drivers, but they are have (justified IMO) worries about the non-availability of infrastructure to top-up the charge during a shift.


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