Warm glove recommendations

I once managed to get some US special forces issue cold weather sniper gloves.

They were really warm, but also flexible with foldy back fingertips for killing people reasons, and full of goretex goodness so really waterproof.

Not long after joining Royal Mail I left them in a van at work and they got stolen. Posties are thieving fucking cunts.

I can’t remember the brand (or if they were even branded, tbh) and have never seen the real things on eBay or any army surplus site.

I appreciate this information is pretty useless, but I really miss those gloves.


Been using sealskinz for over 10 years. I still have a pair of winter cycling Sealskinz from 2011, still warm and waterproof.
They also stand up well the the rigours of policing

Hardly their fault you purchased the wrong size.


My sealskinz are still going after 7 or 8 years. They aren’t warm but they are tough as old boots. Used them for sailing, hiking, cycling and gardening, they are still going strong. Don’t expect them to keep your hands warm though…

What he said…

Herpaderpderp derp derp derp…

TLDR: They’re shit unless you have teeny tiny lady hands.

You and OJ, with your freakishly large hands eh?


Mine didn’t last that long. Something sprang a leak and they stopped being waterproof quite quickly. Now (admittedly years later) they have significant tears/holes. Unbeknown to me my brother had bought a pair before I did. When he heard I’d got some he said “They’re OK, but they’re disappointing when it comes to keeping your hands warm” and in my experience he was right. They were better than no gloves though and the tightness meant they kept the oedema, which happens when you’re prone to it and have walked 20 miles, under good control.

And the worst part is they just make my nob look tiny.

Which obviously it isn’t.

Big boy willy!

FWVLIW, I bought the gloves from an official dealer, and knowing how it is with shoes, I bought one size bigger than I was supposed to need according to their size chart.
I wonder if - following the hype online - they shifted manufacture to China and the quality inevitably went down the toilet, 'cos despite supposedly being waterproof, they don’t even keep the wind out, much less water.

Never again.

These are fucking brilliant. Rather spendy (to me anyway) but brilliant.

I have been using these for work after your recommendation. Fantastic they are.


Good to hear they are doing the business - they`re great quality gloves for not a lot fooney. :+1: