Warm glove recommendations

Possibly a contender for most boring thread title…

So due to crap circulation, my hands quickly get very cold in the winter, and take an age to warm up again. It’s even earned me the sobriquet ‘IceHands’ at the local meeting spot behind Weatherspoons in Billericay.

My current gloves (DuPont Thermalite) are rubbish. Does anyone have any recommendations for gloves aside from massive skiing-type ones, that’ll be good at keeping hands and fingers warm for a while?

It’d be ideal if they have a leather finish so look a bit smart, but can be flexible about that if it’s not possible.

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Out of the box I’d say think about mitttens if you’re really have an issue with warmth.
And lammy instead of the classic calf leather.
Not sure whether e.g. high tech mountainbike gloves would help.
A leading German manufacturer is Laimböck, you could get some inspiration here (is a dutch site):

Waiting for the Bernie pic coming in, 3,2,1…

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Heated gloves are a thing. Investigate them.

They are like gloves with heating.

Not sure if they do a version for wanking off punters round the back of spoons though.

The gentleman need look no further

It’s beyond time the fur ‘man muff’ is resurrected -
(Built in charcoal burner is an optional hazard / upgrade)

N.B: Next week I will be reporting on the joys of promenading ones grounds in a Mink cod piece.


I feel like a short circuit could be quite painful, for wearer and punter alike. But that’s the kind of thing they like in Club Rub in Chelmsford so will investigate. :+1:

Silk inners (decathlon do them)
Under a decent leather glove like Dents.

Layers work.

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Mittens will be warmer
Merino liners will help
You can get heat pads you charge up in the microwave then ‘crack’ to activate


^ +1 for the above. I use the ex military ones available on ebay, gortex outers, leather pads and faux fur lining about £14.00. Keeps the water and windchill out.

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Dexshell Thermfit Waterproof and Breathable Gloves (Medium (Size 8)) https://amzn.eu/d/hrQVUIo

I use some from DexShell currently and have found them good. I have poor circulation and two of my fingers get numb but not with these on.

Reviews seem mixed but I didn’t look at reviews when I bought them.

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Dents sheepskin are decent.

These are the business - I use them in work and when I’m cycling in the winter.


If you’re not too worried about looks these are even warmer

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Do you know if the linings are sewn into the fingers Allan ? When I’m out on a walk I need to stop every so often to eat and for that I need to take a glove off. I’ve had thinsulate gloves in the past where the finger linings come out with my fingers, and getting them to go back in in the cold and the rain and the dark is a real nuisance. Unsecured linings can be a pain in the wash too.

Yes they’re sewn into the fingers Graeme :+1:

With the 517 gloves I mainly use I’ve yet to have a problem with the liners detaching they’re really well made gloves for the money. I had them on yesterday out on the bike and it was well below freezing with the wind chill and my fingers were still ok.

If you want to go the whole hog and use the same gloves I use when working in our freezer (which is usually about -23) then these are bad boys you want

Thanks Allan.

The Flexitogs look interesting too. My worry with them would be the stretchy cuffs. I had a pair of gloves with those once before and it was a struggle to stop the cuffs soaking up rainwater and holding it, cold and wet, against my wrists. If anything squeezed the water out there was also a risk of it running down into the glove, defeating the waterproofness. It wasn’t too bad - it worked a bit like a wetsuit, so my hands weren’t too cold. But dry would have been better.

Yeah getting the cuff wet would be an issue with the Flexitog ones as they’re designed for dry freezer environment work.

I suffer from Reynauds and found these silver infused gloves good, both fingerless and full glove - get some mittens to go over them


Just in case anyone dumber than me (tough ask, I know) suggests ‘Sealskinz’ - I bought a pair when they were the flavour-of-the-month and they are shit: undersized, overtight, crappily-made and deeply overrated. Don’t.