Water - or the lack of

Here in South London the schools are shut for the second day, there is no water in the water pipes and everyone is using bottled water. It’s a third world country. I can’t even drown my sorrows in the local pub - it’s shut due to lack of water too.

Anyone else in the same situation.

Move somewhere civilised :unamused:


Fortunately been ok here. Can’t be much fun without water.

South London, hmmm, nope never heard of it. :scream:

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Can’t you just go and take a bucket down to the Thames.

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It’s fine in my bit of south London. Where exactly are you?

Parts of Crowborough (including where I’m working) and surrounding villages have had no water since Saturday morning. We’ve had “people” bulk buying and then trying to sell 2litre bottles at £5!!! Water is now being distributed in various places, but it’s not enough for families to live anywhere near a normal life. No washing machines, showers etc.

We have portaloos at work and I can’t begin to say how disappointing it is to have a pee in one and then come out and find I’m not at a summer music festival… just the work’s car park.

I’m also off to Brockley, SE London after work to try and help a friend whose house had a burst pipe and has flooded the place and seeped in to the next house through the dividing wall.

I go to text message off Severn Trent at 11pm the other night and one the next day saying there are water issues due to the thaw and so many burst pipes.

Not in my area… not sure how targeted the messages are as they must have postcodes to work from.

I’ve had all the cold water taps on in the house and the garden tap running constantly.

Pure luxury :grin:


Heard someone on the radio this morning (BBCLondon) saying she’d also been without water since Saturday morning. Her main complaint was the water company were tweeting the problems had been fixed - but she still had no water.

I’m in Streatham SW16. Usually this is the land of the God’s but someone is getting their revenge.


Wasn’t that renamed St Reatham a while back to make it more attractive?

Wastrel ! I take it you don’t pay for metered water? :smirk:

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No pal, everything is fine here in Boston.

There is definitely a burst pipe by the crossing by work as there was water billowing out across the road, but whatever, mine is fine, so I don’t need to worry. LOL.

Posting to his next generation forum software :grinning:

Nearly had a burst pipe this morning, too much coffee before bed last night methinks.

Wet dream?

Let them drink beer