We are trialling a new forum landing page


We are getting busier. There has been some constructive criticism that the site content is a little too unstructured, and specific content a bit hard to find.

The new landing page has quick access to all the site categories, so if you only want to access #hifi (and who wouldn’t?) you can get there easily. It’s also an easier transistion to the Discourse board software for users more familiar with traditional platforms.

But it also retains the Latest topics list that we know and love.

Pissing and moaning about the changes is compulsory.


Will it effect my human rights?


I think it might be the future.


@Ijrussell this is for you, my man.


I am going to go on another forum and say you are all shite.


I think that’s a given.


How do we know when there are new posts on a thread?


Hi-Fi Subjectivist forum have already noticed and predicted the end of days.


I hate change - turn it back to how it was now.:rage:


They should still show up in the right hand column.


Yes, but how do I know if there are posts I have not seen?


The same way as before. You should see a blue icon with the number of new posts next to it.

Like this:


A poor alternative to binning it, and starting over. :smiling_imp:


Thankfully clicking on the ‘latest’ tab brings it back to normality.:grinning:


I’ll give my approval for a mere £1Bn.


I am dissapointed by the lack of any Armageddon that traditionally should accompany all new developments. It is at least six months since the site was last deleted and it shows…


Indeed, it’s starting to pong a bit.


Have no fear, Rob will do Real ReviewsTM of Toblerones and second-hand Mazdas to freshen us up.


Is there an option to become a Super Abattoirist now? I need another way to waste my children’s lack of inheritance.


Does is pay real money, or am I doing it for free samples and laughs?