We are trialling a new forum landing page


Calm down ladies. There’s plenty of me to go around…



Wewlad. Thread necro.

Looks like Discourse added a new option in user preferences. Click on your icon/avatar top right and then click the Preferences cog wheel.

Navigate to Interface and if you want the old “Latest” view then choose that from the drop-down.

Note: I expect this will change your default for both desktop and mobile but when I tried it I found I also had to set this on my mobile device too - although this is more likely because of cached pages on my mobile. The behaviour I would expect is that if you change this it will change it for both your desktop and mobile.


Looks good on tablet and mobile :+1:



So excited. Do we get to keep all the old stuff too? :kissing_heart:


Oh, and I only had to set it on the moby for it to also take effect on the tablet.




Unlike the Tories and Labour we have brought everyone together. Vote AA!


FFS I’ve only just got used to the old new system now you revive the old old system which is better but I’m going to take ages to get used to it by which time the new old system will have become my favourite. Arseholes.


We aim to annoy.


Achievement: unlocked.


This. I’m clicking on fuck all.


This was released in November, by the way :joy:


I noticed it a coupe of weeks ago, but couldn’t be bothered to let anyone know. :grin:



Proof positive that giving people choices just makes them unhappy.


Deep Joy



Thank. Fuck.


Tosh! :slightly_smiling_face: