WE 'Nouv-uh?-eau'

97-A Monoblock Amplifiers:


116-C RIAA Pre-Amp & 20-B Power Supply


203-C CD Player







I wonder how much you pay for the branding

Nouveau meh - looks a bit cheapo to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t grapple with the notion of taking such an iconic brand (with such a catalogue of innovative audio products) and simply ignoring the heritage. It feels like Harrods selling Mcnuggets.

Disgust of Devon


Canary must have tons of Hovland caps sat in long term storage somewhere

From the look of the components in the phono, quite a bit.

They are making the valves, they have to find ways of shifting them & also monetising the brand by partnering with a manufacturer like Canary. It is a logical move.

But they have not even attempted to disguise the fact they are Canary amps with lipstick

Even VAG are a bit less obvious than that

I’d have been more sympathetic if they’d chosen to partner with Shindo or even (more realistically) Air Tight.

Lucky them (Not)

So very this, it feels like brand rape

Western Electric CD player is an oxymoron


I think Air Tight are global dist for the Takatsuki 300B so unfortunately that would be unlikely, but WE cinema amps are glorious hard wired monsters, and these are so not.

I can understand partnering with an existing manufacturing company who can do much of the production heavy lifting, but for WE brand amps to not even invest in new casework designs…

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Should have gone with line magnetic - they may have done something interesting

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Not from North Merica

Yurp - The Donald mentality

You are photographing your product. Line the capacitors up.



It’s not like any audiophiles have OCD…

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