Website template and design providers

My daughter wants to host some of her photography on a website and is currently looking as it’s free and gets some decent write ups

Are there any others she should be considering?

How old is she? Could she author the whole thing using frontpage and get extra skills? You could buy her her own URL :blush:

I used Mobirise for my company website, I didn’t need to go all out with it as I just wanted a basic layout with a contact form.

It’s very easy to use and learn.

I use for my blog. It’s very easy to use and is free.

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If she’s remotely interested in the industry, I really wouldn’t recommend using Frontpage at all.

I’d probably recommend starting with something like for building the site, then if you buy a domain I’ll host it for free for her.

I think it’s more about getting her content out there as smartly and quickly as possible.

Fair enough.

Friend of mine is using Wordpress + Rhea as the theme:

It’s a paid for theme but seems to work well as far as ease of customising from the back end.