Weird error when posting or editing

Anyone else getting this error when posting a reply or editing?


Yup, I’ve seen that several times with a combination of posting and hitting the back button.

Yes, I get that too. Android tab and phone.

Yes,been getting it for the last week.

Yes but it goes away if you press OK :+1:

I been getting it along with the save notifications cycling endlessly in the bottom left corner of the screen following a picture upload. I’m convinced it is a harbinger of the next dildo-fingered Armageddon.


Yes. @tmc.

Calling Edward Saveloyhands!


AA self immolation mode activated. Membership error code STD.

I’m getting the same message

I get it sometimes. Assumed it was a JavaScript issue in the latest release.

Not seeing anything on the Discourse forums about that specific error message, I’ll ask there and see if anyone knows.

I’ve been getting it today for the 1st time. (PC Chrome)

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Just testing some bits, trying to narrow down the issue.

It’s weird.

Only happens occasionally, not all of the time

Looks like there may be some history of it doing it when editing a post containing a URL box…

“Daddy would you like some sausage…?”