Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)

So far I’ve only had some slightly stale Morrison’s ones, which got stuck in the toaster and would have caught fire had I not been watching them like a hawk.

I think that tomorrow I’ll head to the cathedral and get some Alban Buns, a local speciality, and toast them under the grill on just the inside. Served with salted Irish butter only.

Anyone had any worth photographing yet?



Had some from Simmons last week, tasted fruity.

I’ve been hoovering them down since the beginning of the great mince pie drought. Current favourites were the mini-versions from M&S. Not tried anything bespoke yet though.

Oh, and while I am at it, chocolate hot cross buns are an anathema and can get to fuck.


You have another serving suggestion? :neutral_face:

This is wrong, hot cross buns should be warmed in the oven and consumed spread with ice cold butter while the bun is still hot :heart_eyes:

Please explain how the mini ones are better than the regular ones?

Agree with you on the chocolate. I had some all butter fudge ones this weekend which were akshurly pretty scrummy.

Toast BOTH sides

As for butter, Lou makes mine, salted of course. In fact foo salt - Cornish sea salt flakes

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Absolutely no idea. They were nicer than the standard ones though.

Love hot cross buns with a mug of tea

Heretic! Apostate! Infidel!


This thread has gone to shit already…


Nom tho!

Get the behind me Satan.


I bought a Sage toaster recently which has a crumpet setting, toasts the top more than the bottom - how does it know :smile:

Works really well

Ha! Actually, knowing you, you are just being a hot cross bun completeist. :joy:

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I have a flask like that. Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Amazing


Do hope we will be getting reports on the best ones over the coming 6 weeks with pics.


Fucking butter fudge hot cross buns. Feck’s sake what is the world coming to. There’ll be folk advocating pesto on a fry-up next.

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