Western Electric 16A

Right, think I’m going to change things around, so have decided to put the 16A horn up for sale.

If you want one of these, you will know all about it.

This one is a replica made in Korea and is faithful to the original, in fact its much better made. Even the Western Electric experts would agree that it’s every bit as good.

So, much as I’ve enjoyed it, I feel it’s time to let someone else experience it.


How much Pete?

I guess £6500 or so.

Oh, I think it’s very Pete.



Will that cover the rebuilding costs after the demolition work needed to remove it from your house?


Lol, almost certainly not.

Blimey, that Krell/Magico system had quite the effect on you.



Can you quote for 24 RMSD please with insurance at your cost…


Go on then. I don’t have any serious intent to buy I just want to laugh at potential delivery costs :joy:


Might be just what @spenagio is looking for (if only you had a pair.

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A pair could be arranged, lol. A second one would cost somewhat more due to exchange rate, etc.

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Does it include the curtains?

I’ll throw in some lightbulbs.

I want to be there when you try to get that out the house.

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Seems like it’ll need a touch of Magico :slight_smile:

I’ll touch anything really.

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What Pete needs is someone who is about to build a new music room. Can’t think of anyone doing that… :thinking:


So are those 4 drivers on the record racks a clue to where you are headed??

Not really! But I do have some ideas for them.