Western Electric 300B to make a comeback!


The LV 300b is made by Kron but it is not a Kron 300b. Different materials means it sounds very different and when I listened to a bunch of 300b it was the next best sounding after some old WEs, with the added advantage that they are unlikely to sufffer a grid to cathode short and take out your amp :+1:
The standard Kron sound similar to EML, which was very hifi and musically disjointed. So you are completely correct Chris, they are not a patch on the WE :grin:


Just noticed on their webpage that they also sell a pair of monoblocs that require 8 (eight! fucking EIGHT!) 300Bs per side!!!

Wibble! :exploding_head::dizzy_face:


I spotted those a couple of nights ago and immediately linked @edd9000 up with them.


Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.


I asked Kevin at Munich if there was any news on these.
He said that he had no official communication regarding a delivery date and basically said that he would believe them when he saw them.
He then of course extolled the virtues of the LV 300B :grinning:

Meanwhile Western Electric website now says October 2018.


in totally unsurprising news…

"As part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed about the return of the WE 300B, we’re reporting a not too unexpected production delay.

As part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed about the return of the WE 300B, we’re reporting a not too unexpected production delay.
This past January, Western Electric was proud to announce first availability of the new tubes for September 1. But, we could not have foreseen exactly how much time and attention each unique and valuable piece of the assembly line would need. It’s a complex, magical process, bringing together old tech and 21st-century standards. As we continue this transition, run materials inventory, and install new machinery, we must also clean and re-clean nearly one acre of floor space so it is ready to safely handle the ultra-pure materials inside each 300B. After these steps are completed we will move on to a highly regimented testing stage. Only then can we deliver product with confidence.
Please note that we are adjusting our September 2018 deadline to December 2018. We’ll continue providing updates and begin taking pre-orders soon.
Delivering the promise of Western Electric quality takes time—time we hope you’ll continue sharing with us.
Thank you"


December 2019



If the money last that long. No evidence whatsoever I have to admit but I can’t see this ending well although happy to be proved wrong.


If they get to the point where they have a decent product the money will come rolling in.
Unfortunately if they want to recoup their set up costs in a reasonable time they will be ridiculously expensive. The way the pound is diving these could end up £1k each


Thats where the problems come I think for such a large setup. If prices are only 200% x reasonable and the quality is good they should fly but suspect parts of that equation are flawed.


Post from Facebook,

“We’re getting closer. The Rossville Works is teeming with activity to deliver the first round of new tubes in the coming weeks”.



Looks like they are taking pre orders, matched pair $1499 • single tube $699 • matched quad $3099


Honestly, I’d rather skip the wooden box and have 10% off.


Sure, Kev had some originals in his CoCo built monoblocks and they were the best I have heard but still not sure I could stomach the cost…be interesting to hear if reliability and sound quality of the old ones has been maintained though.


Definitely. I’d like a set of something nice for the Argento at some point in the future.


As Kevin Scott still appears to be the UK agent it should be possible to get an early opinion regarding this latest effort.


Question is, does he think the pornographic midrange is still there in the new ones.


Fingers crossed


Has anyone compared the latest Elrog 300B’s with the older ones, where I understand reliability was a big issue?


While it’s expensive, when they inevitably go out of production again, they’ll start to look like a good investment.

Plus, assuming they’re as good as the previous, they last for loooong time. You’d probably get through three pairs of Chinese in the same time.