Western Electric 300B to make a comeback!

Let’s hope it isn’t another false dawn.

I see Definitive are still listed as UK distributor but no mention of price.


:heart_eyes: but judging by the lovely wooden box, they are going to be enormously expensive, even by current standards.

They used to come in a lovely wooden box, that isn’t new.

but yes i fear you will be right

Do you think Richer Sounds will sell them?

I hope so, I am a VIP member :grin:

So not just the the questionable Psvane efforts? Could be good - 100% certain to be eyewateringly expensive.

When they went out of production in 2005ish? maybe 2007 I can’t quite remember, Definitive were selling them for £900* a pair.

You can probably double that I would think.

*Edit, I have got that wrong, I think they were closer to £500 a pair. I bought a quad with very little use for £850 just when they became unobtainable.

The link says 1988 for last production. I’d take a guess around the £1200 mark for a matched pair. But with the way the pound is going it could be a lot more.

If their claim of ~40,000hr lifespan is true, they might actually make sense even at that price.

Mine have done at least that. Pete measured them recently and they measured much the same as when i got them.


they were still selling them in 2006 though there is some confusion re Westrex and WE etc.


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1988 was last of the original production. The resissue finished in about 2006…

They do seem to last well - buy 5 pairs of cheap Chinese or 1 pair of WE…

The last US made 300Bs were actually manufactured by Richardson & were sold under the brand name Cetron. Those were also pretty good & do still turn up occasionally. AI made some push/pull mono prototypes using them but they didn’t go into production. Then there was a gap and no supply until the Chinese began to manufacture them in the mid 90’s.

If only, last time I looked the Psvane WE reps were >$900! They look only superficially like real 300Bs AND come from a brand I have lost ALL faith in.

I’m not really convinced that the mythology of SETs is lived-up to in reality, and the prices are too rich for my blood for consumables…

Yeah, all 300B’s seem to be crazy prices these days. :frowning:

Personally, I think SETs only really make sense with speakers of sensitivity >100dB/1W. Otherwise, you just get mush.

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And even then you probably don’t really want to be trying to play full range with a single amplifier.



I’ve got 4x of the reissues from 2006 but can’t sell them at the moment, if they start making them again in high numbers I can see the secondhand prices dropping.

It will depend on how good they are, the Westrex re-issue used the same materials and the same machinery as the originals.
The story goes that they had to get guys out of retirement to teach the new generation how to make them.

Then they tried to move the factory to Alabama (iirc) which coincided with running out of some of the original material and it never got back off the ground.

No one knows what the]new ones will be like, the 2nd hand ones could retain or increase their value if the new ones aren’t up to scratch.

Definitve now sell modified KR under the Living Voice badge and they are highly regarded. not sure what sort of quantity they have had to get made to get the mods done, who knows if they will push the WEs if they have their own brand to shift?

I’ve just sold some KR Audio 300b’s and I don’t know how much better the LV ones are but I didn’t think they were a patch on the WE’s.

@sjs did a 300b bake off with Kevin and a load of 300b’s think he rated them quite highly

I don’t think the standard KRs are like the LVs at all, they use different materials etc.
I wouldn’t use them as any sort of comparison.

Anyhow let’s wait and see what the new WEs are like