What albums have you bought lately?

What Luke Slater did yer procure?

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Officially, Claire has bought this (not this actual one, but a mint, sealed one) :grinning:

Postage was charged at £3.10

I know how this is being sent, and I can guarantee that they got no change from £20…


Steve Tilston - Of Many Hands

Steve Tilston - Such & Such

Got these on their way :slight_smile:

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Nice! Remember a Heads LP is not just for Christmas…

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You bog trotting twat, you got me into this lot. I could have had a posher watch… :wink:

Silence imbecile! You got off lightly. You will definitely be needing one of these:

And if you think that is expensive, wait till you start checking the prices of the limited edition cdrs (with ultra-limited Heads paper bags for additional nerd points).

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I’ve got a copy of that on vinyl that somebody can have, gratis, if they must own it.

Played once and mucho disappoint.

Not a patch on the rock gods who are Oasis.

My wife enjoys it so count me in please? Wasn’t there something else you mentioned the other day as well? Sula Bassana

All I can offer by return mailer is Shpongles Dorset Perception / Beija Flor twelve inch if you don’t have it. Quite pricey on Discogs.

I’ll get both in the post to you Steve.

PM your address; I think you have mine.


Stupid Cosmonaut - Digitalis LP, out 2018-01-08

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Discogs? Or in stock somewhere??

Drone Rock Records pre-order :+1:

Duh. I thought it was their last one ! Didn’t read your release date.

Just seen the email in my promotions folder… ordered!

Yep, did that too, a while back.

It was only announced yesterday!

No it wasn’t, a week or so ago.

My email was Thursday.
Was it flagged on the website earlier? The email is usually the first link to let previous customers have first bag of the limited dual colour ones…

1st e-mailed 2nd December


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