What albums have you bought lately?



Been meaning to get this 'un fer awhile. This is the third album from talented pianist Taeko Kunishima. Based on how good the first two are I expect it to be v good indeed.

Bought a few more I’ll add in a second post as I’ve lost this thread starter once already whilst lining up the album art & links for t’other albums.

On CD.



ELP - Brain Salad Surgery



On a similar theme to vacdac, I finally got these on vinyl in the last week…



Remix ?




I have one on order.


Remix ?




You’ll have to let us know what you reckon


I will. I’m looking forward to that one and Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends, Ladies and Gentlemen Emerson Lake & Palmer.


Only really ever got ELP - ELP and Brain Salad Surgery




Don’t EVER buy the remix of Trilogy unless it’s the 2016 version (although I haven’t heard it, it can’t be worse that anything other than a first press). My advice would be to get a Rino Japanese pressing. Absolutely stunning (although liner notes are difficult to read :nerd:).


Couple of albums from Nottingham based composer & sax player Jan Kopinski.


Review 'ere >>. https://www.allaboutjazz.com/jan-kopinskis-reflektor-mirrors-by-chris-may.php?width=600


Reviews/Jan Kopinski - Zone K info page >> http://www.jankopinski.com/pages/zonek.html

His other collective Pinski Zoo also sound interesting, soo quite likely these will lead to further explorations.

Couple of Funk Jazz albums from the new to me Shez Raja Collective


This is t’ first album from 2006

This later album is from 2010 & adds an expanded lineup featuring electric violin in a very good way from some reviews I have read. The lineup includes Andy Sheppard too.>>


Anyhow I came across this album whilst doing one of my periodic searches of stuff on the Brit 33 Jazz label, which has already netted me some v worthwhile albums I may never have come across otherwise & often at ludicrously cheap prices too, which is always a ‘Brucey Bonus’

Amacuntz product info for “Mystic Radikal” 2010>>

Dynamic bass player Shez Raja releases his new album featuring one of the UK’s foremost saxophonists Andy Sheppard and international trumpet star Claude Deppa. Exciting music that evokes all of the emotions - a mix of euphoric jazz, thundering funk, lyrical ballads and intoxicating grooves.

Shez Raja’s bass-led collective play a unique fusion of funk and jazz permeated with eclectic grooves and eastern flavours. Fascinating compositions and exuberant improvisations yield music that is both raw and real. Following three acclaimed album releases and spectacular performances at top jazz festivals and iconic venues the Collective have amassed a devoted following.

Personnel: Shez Raja (bass guitar), Andy Sheppard - tenor and soprano saxophone, tracks 4, 7, 9), Claude Deppa (trumpet, tracks 1, 6, 11), Aaron Liddard (tenor saxophone, flute), Pascal Roggen (electric violin), Alex Stanford (keyboards), Chris Nickolls (drums), Monika Lidke (vocals), Mark Cherrie (steel pan and percussion)

All on ceedee.


This arrived today



Shit ! I just ordered these…


from https://store.udiscovermusic.com/


Attention Chris (Vacdac) this is one for you - never before released live recording



Ooooh, that looks well worth buying. Cheers Allan.


No worries old boy - if it’s as good as Club Date then it’ll be a belter. I’m pratted as well so just hope they’ve got plenty of copies :angry: