What albums have you bought lately?


That Sex Blender LP sounds pretty damn good.



:+1: Ordered that earlier :grin:





Vinyl ! was a Record store day release from somewhere …


That’s fairly mental, but I quite like it!


Yes, I do love a bit of doom metal with female vocals, and the Welshness appeals to my Celtic roots. Plus the band name is awesome.


I have pretty much no relationship to anything doom! But usually it’s the vocals that put me off. In this instance, she brings a whole element of beauty into it, that takes the whole sound to a different level. Quite cinematic. I see they aren’t afraid of a bit of Moog synth in there, too. Funnily enough I see they hail from Wrexham as well, where I once lived and was in a band there, that was quite successful, so that kind of bonds me to them as well! I think I’ll pre-order the album.


It is!


They’re pretty good live, too, if you get the chance.

Take earplugs.:exploding_head:


I didn’t realise you were from Wrexham? I spent most of my teenage years living there, and my parents are still based there.


No way?! Actually I think I might have clocked you had a connection to the place. I’m not from there exactly, but I went to art college there, and then had a couple of years being in a band there, afterwards. I actually had the most amazing time there.


Finally succumbed to buying this after @Spenagio played it to me the other day.




Dont know it will be checking it out :point_up:


Bet that sounds great on the SP10.


The one he sold?



Only the reissue I’m afraid :worried:


Did wonder for a moment!


Sulphur Aeon - The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos

A more metal album title you will not find. :metal::smiling_imp::metal: