What albums have you bought lately?



Pigs Pigs Pigs… King Of Cowards


Andy Bey - Shades of Bey. Recorded 20 years after his last release and initially released on CD only in 1998. The x2 45 rpm vinyl issue comes out on the 19th Feb.

Includes his version of River man:

Supposedly Coltrane’s favorite singer, Bey’s voice glides through 4 octaves with a smoothness that may appeal to people who enjoy Gregory Porter & Terry Callier. This LP features Gary Bartz on Sax

*Juno seem to be one of the cheapest


Went to these shops on Thursday. Impressed with both of them. Liked Dig as it reminded me a bit of the late great Selectadisc in Nottingham.







Giving it yet another go. Must be the 5th time I’ve bought this LP !

This time it’s all @Ruprecht’s fault for posting Andy Bey’s version of River Man and me thinking, I prefer Nick Drake’s version. Prefer Nick Drake’s version ? I ask you.


Much missed. Bought some ace stuff from there back in the day.


Run by very nice people too.


Pre ordered this on vinyl:

And this is on its way:

On CD unfortunately, nice vinyl copies are a bit too spendy, and can’t find a R2R release.


And this:


Spent so much time in there as a student.





That pressing is pretty rough in places. I had a lengthy to and fro about it with the label. Assorted copies were equally duff. I will be interested to hear your views if you bought the vinyl. The cd is the safe bet, although equally dubious in places


Hmm, I got the vinyl. Should be here in the next day or two, so will let you know.

Is it shitty mastering or faulty pressings? Is the stuff that’s dodgy on the CD due to poor source material?



Vinyl !




  1. Khana Bierbood - Strangers From The East
  2. Les Big Byrd - Iran Iraq Ikea
  3. Dark Strands - Unknown Truths
  4. Neutralzone - Hogofogo
  5. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Elevator
  6. Bloodbath - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
  7. System Of A Down - Toxicity





A bit of a splurge this week.

Smoke Fairies: Wild Winter
KYO /w Jeuru: All The Same Dream remixes
Sherwood & Pinch: Late Night Endless
Mercury Rev: Delta Sweete

Then a quick raid on the crap 90s CDs in Cancer Research:

Kid Rock: Devil Without a Cause (somehow I had a 192kbps mp3 rip of this - now sorted)
Fall Out Boy: Infinity on High


(I know it says vinyl, I didn’t buy vinyl)