What albums have you bought lately?


All down to Getty Images threatening legal action.



Nils Frahm, All Melody. This is the first warped CD I’ve ever seen. Won’t rip at all. That’s £10 down the dunger.


Right, understood.


Send it back.
I have done if it’s not fit for purpose.


Guy !All is lost you can have my digital download if you want…this is legal as I have the vinyl and guy has cd …hope it is ok to post this thought the code will be pm’d


Thank you, but I’ll just buy the FLAC from Bandcamp.

The CD was from a small independent retailer, and the last thing I want to do is walk in there being Mr Twatty demanding a refund.


An exchange.
And they can swap it with their distributor. No one loses!


Needed to bump up a £6 Amazon order to £20 to save on £1.26 of postage…

So I bought this on a less convenient format than what I already own it on…

Not coloured unfortunately, although black is a colour


Ann met an old friend today In Harrods - she brought home a vinyl prezzie for me…awwwwwww :heart_eyes:




2CD - looking forward to hearing this later :+1:


Let it lie. The Bros Landreth. Vinyl.


Lo Moon

On vinyl


Mamuthones - Fear on the Corner



Feck! I’ve seen some album covers, but…


Is that the new one? I got an email from Rocket about a new Mamuthones LP. They’re a bit Poundshop Psyche for me (or at least the LP I heard was) so I’ve not taken much notice of them.


Yep, it is. I think they’re moving a bit away from ‘standard’ Psych. More into the current wave of weird / fear / carnivalesque type Psych.

I really like it.


Meh, unless it’s on some lurid splattered vinyl and numbered sleeves then who cares.

Did you buy the deluxe version?


Yep, 50/50 Pink and Green vinyl.