What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?

Currently on offer at M&S - down to £10 from £14. But then you get 25% off if you buy two half cases - so 12 bottles @ £7.50 - nearly half price.:sunglasses:


any good?

Will let you know when my cases arrive - only ordered it today.

The reviews both on the M&S site and from some of the newspapers etc suggest it is a very good bottle even at full price so at £7.50 it could be an immense bargain.

I’ll buy a shedload more if I like it that’s for sure.:wine_glass:

This is what the in laws got in last night :mask::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Reduced alcohol wine-based drink with natural flavourings.” How could you resist that at the supermarket eh?

I’m guessing the please recycle notice applies to the contents

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Will need to investigate that when I get into work tomorrow not one I’m familiar with - this is a lovely M&S Italian

Cocktails in Shoreditch. A bottle in an airmail envelope, edible golf balls, get to fuck.

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Not usually a fan of Italian reds (too dry for me as a rule) but I’ll try and grab a bottle next time I go if they have it in stock. I love a good Californian Zinfandel so in theory this should be my kind of wine.

Agan £7.50 a bottle if you buy a case of 12.

Keep me posted if you try it :+1:

A 187ml bottle of Trivento 2015 Malbec “reserve”.

Reserved from what? A skip? The Geneva Convention?

Whatever was in my hip flask. It’s whisky without the ‘e’, but further than that, I have no idea.


Another cracker from M&S especially at 25% off.


To go with the Sunday roast - lamb :yum:



The power of chocolate multiplied by about one squillion. With a glass of red. Yep.

…and a tiny amount of sugar too.

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Love a square of proper chocolate with a nice dram of Scotch or Bourbon

Just finishing my first bottle - very nice indeed.

Will definitely order another couple of cases if the offer is still on.

Water. Plus some bicarbonate. Plus the absolute clinical maximum of ibuprofen.

Serious gout outbreak.

Laugh if you will, but I’d genuinely consider euthenasia at the moment.

It’s meant to be about the most painful thing of all. But hey, I imagine you knew that already :joy:

Congrats on the 16th Century affliction. Quite impressed.