What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Gin and Tonic :flushed:


That’s all

But just to preempt any fucker telling me to use this or that instead, you can fuck off now. It tastes ok.


OK is the new adequate.


Gin wankery abounds these days.


I had a very long discussion in a pub in Weymouth on this very subject. The pub had just introduced a Gin Menu. 25 artisanal gins and Gordons. I said that a gin should stand alone or, if you add tonic, the tonic has a greater influence over the flavour.
If you want to enjoy a particular gin, use a “simple” tonic like Schwepps. Nobody (except one dickhead) disagreed with me. Yet, they all chose Fevertree out of a need to conform to the Hipster regime.
They aren’t enhancing the gin, they are covering it’s botanicals.


Good post.

Apart from

Did they not have a space invaders machine, or a pool table?



Yep, more hipster wankery. No cunt can tell the difference after 8 or 9 anyway.


The polish Jesse James?


tis true and keep the garnish simple - don’t drown the gin with the flavour of the garnish.



First taste of this hoppy one


It’s been a complete arse wipe of a day today, so starting early and fuck 'em


and now a big one of these beauties

and, relax


What, is it national abstain Wednesday or summat ? :thinking:


'shedding it :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Well, I had what was left of the cooking wine (a particularly average Morrisons South African Chardonnay) while I was making dinner.

Might have a vodka and coke in a bit. Or not. Dunno.


feckin hell.

Hi Fi discussions, the my Mrs is such a hero thread and now gratuitous don’t know if I can be arsed with booze comments.

The place is falling apart. At this rate, we’ll be the feckin Wam in a few hours !!

Anybody for a 3 words thread ?


Vodka and Coke


Leffe, Hoegaarden, Budvar


Gin and Tonic