What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Brains SA Gold and Wyldwood Organic lined up for later



I’ve got a right motley assortment lined up. Should be interesting :smiley:


Any good? I keep meaning to try those different Morettis but I get distracted by the 4 for £6 offers, which they’re never in.


I’m not much of a beer drinker, a pint or a bottle usually then wine…unfortunately I like the one to be full of flavour hence the love of Belgian Trappist …everything else is just functional compared.

It’s ok


I find most Italian birra a bit bland and insipid. YMMV.

Mind, I don’t drink a huge amount of fizzy cold stuff unless it’s Czech and a pilsner.


Start off with a bit of a legend



Not what it once was but still a decent pint :+1:



It’s a nice dinner beer but I prefer La Rossa, just a shame it’s like rocking horse shit over here.


Several bottles of wife beater :+1:



Proost :beers:


Cheers. Ooh-arr.



Welcome to the AA’s Tyskie Alkie club Ritchie :+1:


Annoyed there were no bottles in Asda tonight. :neutral_face:


To celebrate my work closing early



Any port in a storm Emma :grin:


That’ll be the Beast From The East. Bluddy foreigners :rage: