What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Hazelnut vodka with milk.


Really like the Wold Top’s various ales - sadly rarely seen down here :frowning:


Very true. Still, a nice principle to have, even in theory.


My uncle knew him very well (they both had restaurants in Kinsale at the time). The tales of their drinking sessions were many and legendary. Sadly I never got to meet him as he tended to be out of the country whenever I was in Co Cork. I would have liked to have met him and had a drink or two with him - could have been fun.


I met him a couple of times down there. We have property in West Cork in Schull and Crookhaven so would often spend time in and around Kinsale when I was a kid. Must the 30-35 years since I’ve been down there though. Must correct that at some stage. Meeting people who were pissed as a newt was not unusual down there so it was his accent that made him stand out more than anything.


That and the fact he could cook like a god (in my eyes at least). Nice place, Schull - used to enjoy the regatta as a kid


I don’t recall eating at his Restaurant and had forgotten he had the place in Kinsale to be honest. I think of him doing travelogues through France and Italy getting hammered and cooking on a portable stove somewhere scenic, or in some local’s kitchen. Great TV.

Schull is great. If the weather is good it is marvelous in the summer. Always time for a few pints in the West End Hotel…which is gone now it seems, or at least renamed.


Haven’t been that way for many years (the folks had a place in Owenahincha). Keep meaning to go back just for old times sake, but life seems to get in the way


干杯 :beers:







Surprised the idler rumble didn’t shake the Leffe off the side :wink:





Afraid autocorrect turned my post into a pile of rubble.


there there


First time I’ve tried this and it’s very good indeed :beer:


G&Ts with…

With a late BBQ’d lunch…