What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


It’s gin - same as any other to my tastebuds.

I’d love to do a blind taste off and see if the gin snobs can tell the difference.:see_no_evil:



Pistachios :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I just know what I like.


Anything alcoholic judging from your endless posts on this thread.:grin:


and I must admit to liking this -

very drinkable.


I’ve done about 14 or 15, and I can tell the differences, can’t always name the brands but I’m quite good picking out key botanicals


Sounds nice. I’ve not enjoyed many Nebbiolo based wines, but the bumf sounds promising :+1:


I particularly enjoy “classic” Barolo’s, except for the silly prices, ~£ 40, that they cost now.

This is easily 95% of the way there, at less than half price.


I shall check it out.


I was looking at that in Aldi this pm & wondering if it was the same beer that Lidl have recently started selling as Patronus under their Perlenbacher brand


Earlier on this evening when refreshment was required due to heatstroke.



When in Rome…


I’ve just had one of those “I’m going to have another one of those” G&Ts. Bad day. Now looking forward to generating sufficient energy to make it to the kitchen for #2.


A retrained day. G&Ts (natch) with…

Then with lunch…

After that was a couple of big bottles of these…


Have big 'uns of these two chilling in the fridge



Is it any good Stu ? Haven’t seen it about.