What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Due to argumentative teenage daughter reasons:


Due to cheap and available in my fridge reasons :smiley:


They are not bad reasons Mike. And Perlenbacher isn’t a bad lager by any stretch.


Talking of cheap:

I bought the last 2 slabs of this stuff from the shop down the road, £20 for 48 cans :partying_face:


There should be a German word for the momentary sadness you feel when you see there is a decent glass left in the bottle of leftover red, but on shoving your finger up it’s bottom you realise there’s hardly a taste left :unamused:


There is, eineweitereFlascheöffnen

Or something like it.


What does “leftover” mean wrt wine? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


and again


My last can :flushed:



Cunts, the lot of you! Yet again I am on the Yorkshire tea.




Fair comment.


Not too much longer before I fall asleep drunk, topple over the arm of my listening chair and fall out of the loft hatch, I should think. Oh well !



Last for this evening


MHB Black Pear.

Fukk yeh.

at the Great Malvern.

Already nailed the bottle of Glenlivet at the Swan at Newland.


It’s time to go fucking mental at the wrong glass

Even if it’s right


found this in the back of the cupboard the other day, unopened. Neither of us can remember buying it.




This chocolate is quite nice