What amp?

Hoping to sell some bits on and get a new 2nd hand amp
The Sony has been great, but want to get something better if possible

Budget is only going to be around £600
Other half hates the look of valve amps, so it will need to either be a covered/caged valve amp, or ss

Any ideas?

Integrated or power?


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Got a Clones 25irh that’s been sitting around doing nothing since I got my Tact Millennium.

I actually sold it to Bob (itcosthowmuch) late last year but it must have taken a bump in transit and the right channel was down. Sent it back to Clones in Hong Kong who fixed it free of charge - though the shipping there and back and customs charges on it’s return cost me nearly £200. :hot_face:

Having spend that much I couldn’t be arsed to sell again but if it suits your needs your are welcome to buy it for £500.

Keep thinking of putting together a vinyl system using the Clones but I doubt I’ll ever get round to it.

I have owned all three of the Clones amps (25i, 25ir and 25irh) and they are really nice sounding as long as your speakers aren’t a really bastard load and they are lovely things to hold and use - small and tactile but built like a brick outhouse.

Has three line inputs, and remote volume.



You still using those three way horns? I’d use an Audio Innovations 300 with them.

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If you can find one, I’ve been looking for ages.

I’ve got two. @coco has one of them, the other is in bits…

Yeah, you did offer the in bits one to me, a while ago. The problem this end being, it would remain in bits :roll_eyes:

Threshold Ta-300 power amp. 150 wpc A/AB. XLR inputs Nelson Pass. With MOSFET trans.

€1850 eBay Germany.


I think @stu wants a nice sounding integrated not some 150W per ch monster power amp. His horns are about 105 dB/W sensitivity. It might be more appropriate for @dom 's Snell A’s.


Sorry it was meant for Dom! :joy:

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How can I switch it?

Just edit it and write nobsound


That may tick all the boxes

More photos::grin:

I used it to great effect with Proacs and WLM Divas.

Clones seemed to stop making amps shortly after they released this ‘irh’version and I don’t think I have seen a review of it but there are shedloads of reviews of the earler ‘25ir ‘which is basically the same, just less powerful.

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Go big or go Clone (sorry)

Has a sort of cage round it, what about a Puresound A10? EL84 goodness. I guess Audio note OTOs are well out of budget these days.

I’d recommend the Bryston B60R/Sony ES/Denon PMA-2000 but all probably a bit overkill power wise for your horns.

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I’ve not heard the Clones stuff but read a LOT of great reviews on them, should be a safe bet.