What cable?

I have had a few major changes to my system relatively recently so thought I would document it all in a post for the State of Your System thread.
The most recent addition was a new turntable and tonearm that I bought from chelseadave’s estate.
It came with a tonearm cable which I am trying to identify for the write up.
It is a blue/green colour and has no manufacturers name anywhere.
The only identifying marks are two blue lines or dots on the cable

Knowing Dave it could be the most footastic cable ever or a cheap forum fad. I have no idea

Any help gratefully received

Looks like it might be Yannis Tome


That is the fish!
Thanks Paul :grinning:

Phono version


I have one good cables for the money

I can also delight in the fact that I have started a cable thread on AA :grinning:


Hahah, this has been noted!

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Yeah no one believes in cables except for phono cables :laughing:

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Oh I believe in it, I have photos! I have been using it since I got the deck, I have no intention of changing it, just had no idea what it was.

I believe in cables. Without them, etc, etc….

Better cables than cords.


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Surprisingly inexpensive by Dave’s standards.

I do wonder how cinching down two channels into a single length of starquad cable affects crosstalk…?!

That said, it’s been observed by others on here that a smidge of crosstalk can be a good thing psychoacoustically, so perhaps it’s preferred by some.

…And it certainly makes actually terminating the damn thing into a DIN plug a shitload easier!