What colour is my Quad?

OK bum’oles, riddle me this - I was asked by a chum on another forum if anyone knew the paint code / RAL / Pantone for Quad’s so-called “Lancaster Grey”, as featured on the Vena II and similar, as he wants to match it for some DIY project.

Since you cunts know everything about everything, thought it was worth a pop. Quad are, of course, not responding…


Take a knob off and go to b&q

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That answer is pleasing on many levels :ok_hand:

Did suggest a visit to proper car paint specialist - spectrophotometers FTW

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Can’t remember how we got the exact match for myford grey and green paint. Although slightly pointless as most machines are 50 or so years old, so nothing like the original with decades of sun, no sun etc.
Guessing it won’t affect the quad being only a few years old.

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There’s the irony - if it was a 50YO piece of kit, I’m sure at least 6 people would know the exact colour - depending on chassis number &c, but the Made-in-China crap… Doubt they know themselves…

Years ago (7?) I refurbed one.
Not sure what model.
I got the nearest automotive met grey and mixed some gold met in. Just a hint of gold mind.
Mixed up in my spray gun until I got it right and applied.
Was a very good match indeed.

I might still have the paint codes somewhere if mixing your own and spraying is an option?

Good luck getting B&Q Dulux base coat with their optical sensor thing to look anything like - esp when pointed at your knob😂

Some independent autofactors (remember them?), used to have a matching tech for cellulose paints. I remember the spray cans they put it in being awful. Was 25 years ago though.

You could use a consumer spectrophotometer like the Nix color sensor. You can scan the Vena and get HEX code CMYK or sRGB value. If you want to match it to a household paint, there’s an app which allows you find the best match


I saw such a thing in such a place less than 10 years ago. They matched some paint for a job I had in and it wasn’t bad.

A significant issue can be the glossiness. For cars the default is high gloss, but they can add varying amounts of matting agent to take that down. We had to guess when they did my can. Again they were quite close.

I’ve seen a lot of Quad IIs and Stu’s right - environmental factors (sunlight, heat, fag tar, corrosion, pet wee etc) make a big difference over the years. All the Quad IIs you ever see now are matt grey, assuming they haven’t been resprayed, but in this pic

you can see the EF86s reflected in the output transformer (I think the lighting would have to be very unidirectional for those just to be shadows). So once upon a time … they were all shiny !


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For £1.99 you can get the ICScanner app that supposedly magics RAL codes.

{EDIT} Just downloaded the App - a blind underground creature would offer more assistance. Essential. Buy it now