What I'm watching (Part 1)

Didn’t she do similar in Walkabout?

May I recommend a copy of ‘From Byfleet to the Bush’.


Just watching Micro Men on YouTube. Feeling nostalgic

Just watched the final part of A Killing In Tiger Bay. Fucking fuming that the corrupt cunts that fitted up the five accused got away with it on a technicality.

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Mrs MWS has hidden the remote - Ru Paul’s Drag race UK is back.

Goliath, S4

That’s the weekend taken care of.


South Wales police had a shocking record which still lingers.

First episode of Foundation is promising. They haven’t massively fucked it up, it appears.


Some manflu binging


Weirdly, I was just looking at eBay auctions for The Wire boxset. Supposed to be very good, I hear.

Looking forward to watching this.

It’s very very good.

If you want a loan of the boxset I’ll send it down once I’ve finished it.

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Must watch. Unless it’s dated badly!?

Subtitles will help! Some of the slang is incomprehensible.

Thanks for the offer, Al. Looks like I can pick one up used for about £20. I can sell it on after I have watched it.

I just finished watching the series and thought it was brilliant but not dated.


The casting, like The Sopranos, is superb and totally involves you from the off in the whole story :ok_hand:

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Not watching…

Channel 4 goes off air after 'technical problem' - BBC News 4HD still offline at 21:50

If only it was privatised we wouldn’t have these issues. :wink:

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The North Water, on iplayer. Just the first 2 episodes so far. Very good.

Yes Deadpool 2 isn’t as funny as when I watched it last time :roll_eyes:.

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