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AJ getting a lesson!


Think he needs a last round knockout to stand any chance


He’s a great athlete but he’s no boxer. Think that’s his belts gone.
AJ was thirty seconds from the canvas at the end. If that.

Hmm, he’s busy in the gym but that doesn’t make him a great athlete IMO.

His movement is woeful. When I boxed it was drummed into me that footwork and mobility was king. No matter how much punching power you’ve got, if you can’t get in position to deliver it then you’re not going to connect.

AJ needs to look hard at himself and his team who put him out there with the wrong game plan and looking like he was wading through treacle.

He needs to put the weights down and start chasing chickens :rooster:


Physical specimen maybe. I knew what I meant.

He was scared early, didn’t dare let rip, and at the end it was just like being on the end of a playground bully.

Indycar - Long Beach.

How to build a nuclear submarine (BBC4).
Haven’t seen @BobC yet :smiley:
Hope the Aussie’s are watching…

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Liam Gallagher dragging out the Oasis back catalogue at the IoW festival. Time for bed.

Just started:

I read the books aeons ago, didn’t really get on with them, but let’s see.


It’s beautiful; I genuinely cannot get over how fucking glorious some sequences look but… it’s issues are twofold. One, the time elapsed in the books is borderline incomprehensible and it’s a daunting ideal to film. The second- and I say this as an Asimov fan- are that his characters are transparently simply there to get the big idea to its completion; they’re not loving constructs, they’re a means to an end. This is naturally a challenge once you elect to flesh them out.


I went through a massive scifi reading phase when I was 14 or so.
I read Heinlen and Le Guin, Philip K Dick, Aurthur C Clarke and JG Ballard and started a lifetime love of Kurt Vonnegurt.
But Asimov was God, I loved his books, all the three laws detective stories were brilliant but the Foundation series was the dogs nuts.

I normally avoid TV series of books I love but will give this one a go.


Well, First of all, it looks fantastic, just amazing design and cgi. Secondly I need to watch it again, because I wasn’t paying full attention, because of teenage strop reasons, and you really do need to, there’s a lot going on in the first episode and it can be a bit confusing, all the imperial stuff etc.

It does seem to try and put flesh on the characters, something that Asimov wasn’t great at, iirc. This might be to do with the strong cast?

Anyway, it was engaging enough that I’ll probably stick with it. I might even have another go at the books if I enjoy it enough.

Just seen it is on Apple TV so that won’t be happening!

Would I be right in thinking that that’s on Netflix or Sky or some other paying service that I don’t have?

Thanks in advance.

Apple TV. On the plus side, i got it gratis after buying some Apple tat. On the less positive side, it doesn’t have a native app on my TV so I have to plug the iPad in.

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Guess I’ll wait a few years for a terrestrial channel to buy the rights.

It’s weird because you look at Apple TV and the relatively limited amount of content and assume that it’s bollocks but… quite a bit of it is rather good- it takes the view of making a smaller number of good things rather than firing content at you like a poo flinging monkey (looking at you Netflix). I would say that For All Mankind and Ted Lasso are genuinely excellent programming. I just wish my TV had an app for it.

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Can’t you just add a Fire Stick, or similar?

Yes, or an Apple TV. But, as noted, when the TV has Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Disney +, all the UK catch up services and Britbox (!) built in, it’s fucking annoying to buy it for 1 (one) thing.

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I understand, but a very cheap way, to stop the annoyance…