What I'm watching (Series 2)

I’m getting torrents of each episode (4 now) but have only watched the first and I feel like I need to watch that one again before progressing further. But it was very good albeit intense.

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‘Intense’ is the word :+1:

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There’s a bit at the end of one (won’t say which) that proper give my wife the willies.

Its had rave reviews and is living up to them. I’ve not seen any bad ones at all and not spoken to anyone who has any issues with it.
Lots of first season Easter eggs - like Rust’s father! Same supernatural undertones and personality issues.

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We have watched all the TD seasons and we are really enjoying this so far, havent got a scooby what is going on, or where it is going, but really very good so far.

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The first series was fantastic imho, second series not a patch, and then I forgot all about subsequent series. Will try and give this a go though.

Enjoyed the first three, two wasn’t great.

Not too sure on the overt weirdness of the new season, I kind of liked the grounded nature of the show, the first series was still seriously creepy.

Still seriously good tele. :tv:

I’m going to try to exhume the earlier series and have a watch when this is done. F’sure it has its faults, but compared with the 99.99% unterdross on Satan’s Shadowbox this is diamonds :gem: :gem: :gem:

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I’m loving it and there is a link to S3 and 1.


Just finished watching S1 of The Bear on Disney+, which was excellent after a very full on opening episode. About a chef inheriting the family restaurant in Chicago from his brother, and trying to come to terms with his dysfunctional family and grief whilst handling sharp knives and playing with fire

Also, Mr Robot on ITVX, with Rami Malek as a computer hacker with mental health issues (I know how does that make him any different from every other serious coder you ever met) pre-Bohemian Rhapsody


The Bear was probably the best thing I watched last year. I’m really looking forward to the new season.


Was looking to watch Mr Robot again but Netflix/Prime now asking for £. Never thought to check ITVX.

Also on ITVX - 12 Monkeys, Nikita and Sarah Conor Terminator series, whiled away a few days when housebound.


Nonsense and probably half an hour too long but with some entertaining moments.

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Just read a one star review of that, which claimed to be a generous marker.

“Argylle: Henry Cavill’s horrendous spy romp has some of the stupidest action scenes you’ll ever see”

As with many such films, if you judge it by ‘how good a spy film is it?’ then it and many others fall short. If you judge it by the metric of ‘was I entertained?’ then it fares a bit better. It had some moments but overall I think it’s one you might wait for to appear on tv

And Henry Cavill hardly features so that’s an odd criticism to make.


That was the click bait title. One man’s poison…


Every single scene, incredible.


I went to a Quaker prep school (really, don’t ask) so anything that might have smelled of enjoyment was strictly rationed.

One Sunday night we were allowed to watch TV and that was on. The entire school of 140 boys spent literally weeks afterwards pretending to be mahars (?).

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Saw it in the cinema when I was a kid - LOVED it!

Looks savagely hokey now…

It’s insanely good isn’t it! The kid’s party episode, haha! We binged both seasons in three evenings. I had to persevere to get it past the Mrs, as it doesn’t have elves, vikings or wizards in it, but by about three episodes in, she was hooked. The most amazing character development across the board. Just superb.

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This could be an interesting film / documentary

Released later this month.

Story of cymande