What I'm watching (Series 2)

Watching it now :+1:

On Apple - loving this, and I’m fussy.



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ITVs Breathtaking about the covid outbreak. It’s hard to watch without your blood boiling.

Michael Sheen’s new short series set in Port Talbot and centred on government fuckery and strike breaking nonsense around the local steel works.

Bizarre, farcical in places, bang on point in others, it’s very watchable stuff.

Enjoyed the first episode. Adam Curtis involvement lends it an extra dimension.

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We finished True Detective Night Country. A properly girl powered series. Slightly nonsensical conclusion (& rather clunky contrived links to S1) but entertaining throughout with some great performances particularly by the leads.


It was excellent - and good to see Jodie Foster getting lead roles in her 60s.


We really enjoyed it. Felt it left just enough unraveled threads to maintain its creep-and-spook. Very well acted by-and-large, especially the leads.

Also have the first three series to watch now.

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Had the potential… but ultimately resulted in utter gash.

The last episode of True Detective was brutally cold…
…Mainly due to the lack of central heating, which was the home equivalent of Dolby 4DX.
Not joking, but being cold helped the atmosphere!

Wonderful tone, setting, and acting. Agree it was a little clunky in parts, but a lot of the impact wasn’t the resolution, it was through the journey to get there.


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I enjoyed that, but yes I have no taste.

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Last night

All rather ponderous and took itself very seriously.

Tonight, revisiting

in advance of seeing the second part at the Barbican a week today.


An expert cutter must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters in order to survive a fateful night.

Rather decent. Mark Rylance is excellent! The tension ratchets up very nicely as it gets going.

Could be of interest to @Wayward

Available to stream on Netflix.


I get recommended this regularly! I’d better do something about it… :saluting_face:

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I enjoyed it, very good indeed.

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I’m sure he corrected someone half way through that he wasn’t a tailor… he was a cutter!

Indeed he did! “Tailors sew on buttons & take up hems” or somesuch wuz said by Rylance.

Anatomy of a Fall.

Not what I was expecting. It’s just an overly lo long family drama.
Well written and well done but I’d never contemplate ever watching it again.